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Bad dog. [12 Jul 2006|08:32pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

The heat is so fucking powerful it's almost hard to breathe. New York air is always choked with debris, dirt.. floating particles destroying the quality but after a rainstorm? It becomes sweltering. Humid. It has to be at least one hundred degrees. Fuck.

Timothy Speedle stands, the camera he uses to photograph carnage hangs loose around his throat. Large black sunglasses do nothing to protect his sensitive eyes from the evil eye of the sun, but hell, he's used to it.

Wearing just a regular grey t-shirt and a faded pair of jeans he shifts his weight, lifting one foot up to rub the top of his Vans against the back of his leg. Fucking sweat. He loathes being itchy.

Monotonous work being a CSI. Another whirr then click of his powerful camera snaps another photograph. Documenting the last few lives of the tortured shell of a human before him. Damn shame. The man was pretty, or so Timmy assumes. His face was nearly unrecognizable but the bone structure is still there. However his insides aren't so lucky. Gutted. Claw marks rake across the torso, hitting just above the belt of his stomach.

Before becoming a CSI, Timmy was a New York beat cop. He wouldn't trade that experience for the world, but now.. now he's a CSI. He wanted to get into the heart of the crime, help solve it. He was never a patient man and he figured he might be able to speed up the process with a few certain gifts he had.

So here he stands, looming over a mauled body. A small part of him hated what had to happen next but the rest, that wolf inside of him eagerly awaits it. It has been a long while since something like this has happened. One of his own has crossed that line. Killing for food is acceptable, though humans, in Timothy's mind, are not food. Killing for sport is another thing entirely.

His kind sometimes does that, and Timothy can still smell them in the air. Cowards. The only way to take care of the problem well.. it just happens to be euthanasia. Timmy Speedle is a good man, sort of. However if you break the rules and fuck up his workday. He is going to come after you. Please, feel free to run.

pet the puppy.

Meeeaaaaat. And greet. : D [11 Jul 2006|10:19pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Pup info:

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pet the puppy.

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