The Moon.

will rise.

24 June 1974
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Timothy Speedle was born and raised in suburban Syracuse, New York. William Speedle, the patriarch, owned a chain of family restaurants, a position that offered Speedle a financially secure and well-fed childhood. His father, a volunteer with Social Services, devoted her life to helping less fortunate children instilled a driving sense of compassion in him for people caught in circumstances beyond their control.

Speedle has a younger brother, 13 years younger than him, with whom he never developed a closer relationship, preferring to keep to himself.

For as long as he can remember, Timothy and his family had the "disease." Though they never thought of it as such. His father had instilled a great sense of pride in him, in what he was. His mother though..gave him his temper and somewhat violent tendencies. They never have gotten along and at an early age he moved out of his house and traveled to Miami Dade to live with his Uncle, who was also One. His Uncle taught him between right and wrong and Timothy Speedle wanted to put what he considered his 'gift' to good use, so he became a beat cop in Miami. However, that didn't quench his thirst for knowledge, for solving puzzles. His newest role in life is CSI, formerly of Miami Dade but he has since moved back to New York.

Uncle Carmine was an invaluable teacher. The older man taught Timothy how to control himself. How to use what was inside of him so he could help others, rather then hinder himself. With a silver cross around his throat at all times, it allows him to save a small part of himself when he shifts, so he can keep control over the wolf. And he still has his reasoning, his human mind with animal instincts and strength. A powerful combination. The pure silver chain and celtic cross are unfortunately, embedded into his flesh. Once he placed it around his neck, it seared away just enough flesh to keep it buried inside of him partway. But it's a small price to pay for the freedom it allows.

Timothy 'Speed' Speedle went to Columbia University and in one year he had gotten his honors degree, within six months he was working as a full fledged CSI. Despite his harsh words about humankind his actions tell the true story. He will protect man with everything he has, with his life and most probably his soul. Maybe losing it in the process. He will always watch over the weak, stand up for them when they cannot. In the battle between Heaven and Hell, Timothy Speedle has already chosen his side.

Where do you stand?